How to declutter, get unstuck and stay unstuck!

Kellevision is absolutely one of my favorite blogs. Check it out!

This short article is really right on: Does This Give Me Joy?

I have tried this recently and it really works. A year ago I got rid of everything except what would fit in my car. It was numbing, then somewhat painful, then it felt OK. I’m not going to say that I haven’t wished for some of those things back (photos, vinyl records, certain clothing, all my plants from the patio, unique items, etc.) but if you can handle it, it’s very freeing. I always think of fire and flood victims whenever I start to get wistful and sorrowful about some of the things that are lost to me forever. But the reality is, I’m too busy living life to really think about them much. It’s my past life. I’m living my current life now, and looking toward the future.